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XYRecords Releases – New Drum and bass and Dubstep

New Dubstep Release from Refix – Surviving Ft. Alice Grace / Shine XYRDUBS004 – OUT 21st November 2011

New Dubstep XYRDUBS004 - Surviving Ft. Alice Grace / Shine

New Dubstep XYRDUBS004 - Surviving Ft. Alice Grace / Shine

XYRecords are proud to announce Refix‘s latest New Dubstep Single Release, XYRDUBS004 – Surviving Ft. Alice Grace / Shine Instrumental, Available in all good stores now.
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Hot on the heels of their last Dubstep release Minimally Conscious Feat Alice Grace, Refix are following up with another collaboration with Alice Grace. Refix are continuing to define their sound within the Dubstep scene.

Surviving Ft. Alice Grace is a continuously evolving and mutating track introduced by punching kicks, a sad but subtle stab and the hypnotic voice of Alice Grace introducing you to the quaking sub driven drop. An aggressively programmed relentless low end and aspiratory lead ensues, leading into a switched stuttered verse which is sure to keep you moving. Breaking down into the next build up, this is a dubstep track that goes places.

Complemented on the flip side with the Instrumental dubstep track Shine, a wholly darker more emotional experience. Starting in a sad dark place, shine provokes emotion and feeling building into a happier more reflective vibe as the track progresses. With driving dark synths and arpeggios this track continuously builds and grows slowly turning into an epic dubstep showpiece.

Surviving Feat Alice Grace will be available to buy in all good stores on 21st November 2011
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XYRDUBS004 – Refix – Surviving Feat Alice Grace – New Dubstep – Out 21.11.2011 by xyrecords

XYRDUBS004 – Refix – Shine (Instrumental) – New Dubstep Out 21.11.2011 by xyrecords

New Dubstep Release- XYRDUBS004 – Minimally Conscious Ft. Alice Grace – Released 21st November 2011
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New Drum and Bass Release from Breeze Block Featuring Skyro – XYRDNBS005 – Too Late Ft. Skyro / In Good time Out 07.11.11

XYRecords are proud to announce Breeze Block‘s follow up liquid Drum and Bass Single to Fusion/Believe. XYRDNBS005 – Too Late Featuring Skyro/In Good Time, available in all good stores on the 7th November 2011.
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Hot on the heels of Breeze Block’s debut release Fusion, “Too Late Feat Skyro” cements Breeze Block’s skill as a drum and bass producer

Breeze Block has hooked up with fellow producer/musician Skyro to craft “Too Late”. A melancholic guitar slowly slips along with a melodic piano part subtly building and then boom in it comes. A big sidechained hook, unrelenting beats, pianos and a simple female vocal hook give Too Late’s menacing drive a lighter faster edge, whilst slyly impassioning the listener. Deceptively addictive drum and bass from Breeze Block and Skyro.

On the flipside “In Good Time” is a quality Drum and bass dance floor roller with a haunting vocal which repeats the mantra of ‘wasting time’, experiencing this roller is anything but that. With a ghostly off-beat synth stab, lush Drum and Bass soundscapes, a tumbling melody and perfectly placed bass lines, plus some interesting background instrumentals whilst maintaining a fast pace. In Good Time is sure to keep everyone moving no matter what.

“Too Late Feat Skyro” will be available digitally from all good stores on the 7th November 2011.
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[XYRDNBS005] – Breeze Block – Too Late Ft. Skyro / In Good Time OUT 07.11.2011 by xyrecords

New Drum and Bass – Bipolar – Ordinary World Ft. Emily Zuzik / Microbicide OUT Now

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XYRDNBS003 - Available 24th October 2011

Following on from “The Deal” Bipolar are back with their latest new drum and bass adventure Ordinary World Feat. Emily Zuzik. Having been busy in the studio, working with the acclaimed Singer Songwriter and RockerEmily Zuzik. Whilst maintaining their firm commitment to production values, they have finally cultivated their next new drum and bass release

Reese driven basses and a relentless driving break coupled with the beautifully delivered soulful bluesy sound of Zuzik’s voice, results in a deep and dark emotionally drum and bass driven journey. Paired with the flip side “Microbicide” an encapsulating deep dance floor roller, with a sublime saxophone lick that delivers the affect of ambient voices, combined with all encapsulating atmosphere. Microbicide is sure to fit well into anyone’s box.

Ordinary World Feat Emily Zuzik will be available from all good digital stores on the Out Now.

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XYRDNBS003 – Ordinary World Ft. Emily Zuzik/MicroBicide OUT 24.10.11 by xyrecords

New Dubstep release from Refix – Minimally Conscious Feat. Alice Grace

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XYRecords are proud to present Refix’s latest new dubstep release, Minimally Conscious Feat Alice Grace. Refix’s new Dubstep Release to buy in all good stores on the 17th October 2011.

Refix New Dubstep Release

XYRDUBS003 Refix - Dubstep

Following on from their Dubstep releases Soldier and Hope in July, Refix are back with their next release, having been working hard in the studio and collaborating with the up and coming Singer/Songwriter/DJ Alice Grace. Refix are once again defining their sound within the Dubstep scene. Minimally Conscious Featuring Alice Grace is the 1st of two releases featuring Alice Grace.

Minimally Conscious is an upbeat yet dark dance floor adventure, with an exhilarating inspirational lyrical delivery, heavy kicks, big snare’s and a massive glided sucking lead. Epic breakdowns, a grinding groove, sublime high vocal harmonies make sure Minimally Conscious is going to be huge on the dance floor and the radio alike.

Complemented on the Flip Side with Endeavour, which doe’s exactly that, a deep long progressive big haunting intro is fully deserved in preparation for the commencing gargantuan drop. Rolling drums and an aspiratory leading hook, combined with epic synth stabs make this a mammoth instrumental Dubstep Track.

Minimally Conscious Feat Alice Grace isavailable digitally in all good store’s Now
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Minimally Conscious Ft Alice Grace/Endeavour- Out 17.10.11 – New Dubstep by xyrecords
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XYRecords new Drum and Bass signing Breeze Block next new Drum and Bass Release

Breeze Block New Drum and Bass Release

XYRDNBS004 Breeze Block - Drum and Bass

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Breeze Blockhas hooked up with fellow producer Emillion on his debut Drum and Bass release.

Fusion, dropping straight into an uplifting off beat synth stab melody and complemented by a thriving and deceptively simple vocal. Fusion drops with a bang, a super catchy bass line and the impassioned lyrical hook, married together with a moving guitar part and piano motifs, sure to get the dance floor moving.

On the flip side Believe is an instant classic. A chilled deep piano hook slowly makes way for the classic “you bet” break and then explodes into a floor- filling banger. Energetic synths and pads combined with a relentless beat, moving melodic hooks and a bass line that is sure to make you and keep you moving. Believe will have you hooked from the first beat till the last.
Fusion – Breeze Block & EMillion is available in all good stores Now.

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Breeze Block and Emillion – Fusion/Believe – XYRDNBS004 OUT 03.10.11 by Breeze Block

New Drum and Bass Release
The Deal – Bipolar Drum and Bass Release Date 26th July 2011

Bipolar - The Deal

XYRDNBS002 Bipolar - Drum and Bass

Some may call is minimal other may call it deep. Bipolar’s follow up release, The Deal, strives to cement the boys’ unique sound and approach to Drum and Bass production. Incorporating live guitars and clarinet, “The Deal”, sits midway between traditional liquid and minimal Drum and Bass creating deep vibey textures whilst still maintaining the tempo and attitude that die-hard listeners of the genre have known to love.

The flipside of the single, Funkia, is darker kind of tune. Rolling and deep, Funkia strives to pick up where Bipolars previous release, Exige, left off. The hypnotising grooves, rolling bass, and eastern vocals create a darker sonic landscape. Dont let this dissuade you though as the tune is more that capable of filling the dance floor.

The deal will be available from all good online retailers from the 26th July.

The Deal – Bipolar – New Drum and Bass Single – Out 26.07.2011 by xyrecords



Exige – Bipolar Drum and Bass Release Out Now – Buy on iTunes

Bipolar on Soundcloud

XYRDNBS001 Bipolar - Drum and Bass

The unique hypnotic vibe of Bipolar’s latest release, Exige, a deep and minimal bass roller, seeks to charter new ground in the genre by establishing a refreshing alternative sonic landscape in the world of Drum and Bass.

The B-side to Bipolar’s new Drum and Bass release Exige is Mercenary, this has a heavier darker dancefloor vibe, sure to get you down and moody on the dance floor.

Available to buy in all good digital stores now, iTunes

Exige – Bipolar – Forthcoming Drum & Bass Single – Out 05.07.2011 by xyrecords




XYRecords Releases – New Dubstep

XYRecords latest Dubstep signing Refix next new Dubstep Release

Refix New Dubstep Release

XYRDUBS002 Refix - Dubstep

Refix’s new dubstep brings together Big sounds and sultry voices, Hope is different kind of Dubstep. Continuing on their mission to write tunes that work as well at home as they do on the dancefloor. Refixs latest release features acclaimed New York singer-songwriter Emily Zuzik whose recent collaboration with US artist Moby has been widely praised by critics and listeners alike.

Hope is accompanied by its instrumental b-side, Help Me. Again Refix have entered uncharted ground seeking to establish a new kind of Dubstep.
Help Me incorporates big synth basses and leads with cinematic orchestral textures and motifs.

Hope Ft Emily Zuzik will be available at all good stores from the 19th July.


Hope Ft. Emily Zuzik – Refix Dubstep – Forthcoming 19.07.2011 by xyrecords

Refix New Dubstep Release

XYRDUBS001 Refix - Dubstep

Soldier Featuring Taji is Refix’s 1st Single and it will be available to buy digitally in all good stores now, iTunes, Juno

Soldier is a very new fresh dubstep sound from Refix, downbeat and laid back with the with the lazy, slightly raspy tones of Taji, whilst still maintaining an element of epic bigness.

Complemented by the rather more conformist, yet epic, classically inspired Discovery on the B Side.


Soldier Ft Taji – Refix – Forthcoming Dubstep Single – Out Now by xyrecords


XYRecords Releases – NewHouse Music

YRecords Minimal House Artist JM Lewis Forthcoming House Releases.

JM Lewis – The Sum of Her – Minimal House Release 12th July 2011
Available to Buy in iTunes Now, go get yours today

JM Lewis new tech house release

XYRHS002 JM Lewis - House Music

JM Lewis ‘s follow up House Single, The Sum of her ,If you like House that goes places JM Lewis’s follow up release, The Sum of Her, is the track for you. Opening with carefully crafted beats and unique sounding hooks, The Sum of Her, progresses into a lush piano riff reminiscent of bygone era. Married with a high production value and an incredible attention detail this track should be considered an excelllent addition to any DJs set.

The flipside of the single, Identify, continues in the same vein. A tune that will have the listener marching on the spot, with lush pads in the breakdown and a finely tuned synth line with intricate percussive rhythms to boot, Identify, is sure cater for all yout 3 am needs.

Available to buy Now, iTunes and in all other good digital stores.


The Sum of Her – JM Lewis – New Tech House Single 12th July 2011 by xyrecords

JM Lewis – Waves – Minimal House Release Out Now Buy on iTunes

JM Lewis on Soundcloud

XYRHS001 JM Lewis - House Music

JM Lewis ‘s debut House Single, Waves, is a Minimal Progressive House track followed by the harder B-side After.

Available to buy in all good digital stores now, iTunes


Waves – JM Lewis – Deep Minimal House Single – Out 21.06.2011 by xyrecords

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