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Breeze Block Drum and Bass

Breeze Block Drum and Bass

Breeze Block Drum and Bass


New Drum and Bass Producer from Brighton, Breeze Block, is perhaps one of the most exciting young Drum and Bass producers to enter the scene in years. Keen and prolific, Breeze Block, has been producing since the age of 16. Drawing on influences such as Danny Byrd, Brookes Brothers and Shy FX he soon felt he had what it takes to become an established producer with the Drum and Bass scene.

Breeze Block describes his tunes as energetic, punchy and dance floor drum and bass whilst maintaining melodies and instrumentation that keep the tunes interesting and listenable. He has a keen interest in incorporating live instrumentation and euphoric vocals in order to give his sound a depth that is often missing in modern drum and bass.

Breeze Block has got a sound that is sure to keep dance floors moving in the drum and bass scene. Liquid, rolling, dance floor, call it what you want, but we love it. Fast paced melodic synth stabs, uplifting vocals, massive drops and bass lines to keep you pouting late into the night.

Having recently signed with XY records, Breeze Block has quite a dense drum and bass release scheduled planned over the next 12 months. His debut new drum and bass release, a collaboration with Emillion, Fusion/Believe is available in all good stores now.
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Breeze Block on Soundcloud

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Free Drum and bass Download from Breeze Block “You Knew Before”

Free new drum and bass from Breeze Block, a gift to you all prior to our forthcoming new Drum and Bass release “Fusion” we’d like to give you a FREE new drum and bass download “You Knew Before

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Breeze Block – You Knew Before (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Breeze Block

New Drum and Bass Release from Breeze Block Featuring Skyro – XYRDNBS005 – Too Late Ft. Skyro / In Good time Out 07.11.11

XYRecords are proud to announce Breeze Block‘s follow up liquid Drum and Bass Single to Fusion/Believe. XYRDNBS005 – Too Late Featuring Skyro/In Good Time, available in all good stores on the 7th November 2011.

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Hot on the heels of Breeze Block’s debut release Fusion, “Too Late Feat Skyro” cements Breeze Block’s skill as a drum and bass producer

Breeze Block has hooked up with fellow producer/musician Skyro to craft “Too Late”. A melancholic guitar slowly slips along with a melodic piano part subtly building and then boom in it comes. A big sidechained hook, unrelenting beats, pianos and a simple female vocal hook give Too Late’s menacing drive a lighter faster edge, whilst slyly impassioning the listener. Deceptively addictive drum and bass from Breeze Block and Skyro.

On the flipside “In Good Time” is a quality Drum and bass dance floor roller with a haunting vocal which repeats the mantra of ‘wasting time’, experiencing this roller is anything but that. With a ghostly off-beat synth stab, lush Drum and Bass soundscapes, a tumbling melody and perfectly placed bass lines, plus some interesting background instrumentals whilst maintaining a fast pace. In Good Time is sure to keep everyone moving no matter what.

“Too Late Feat Skyro” will be available digitally from all good stores on the 7th November 2011.

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[XYRDNBS005] – Breeze Block – Too Late Ft. Skyro / In Good Time OUT 07.11.2011 by xyrecords

XYRecords new Drum and Bass signing Breeze Block next new Drum and Bass Release

Breeze Block New Drum and Bass Release

XYRDNBS004 Breeze Block - Drum and Bass

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Breeze Blockhas hooked up with fellow producer Emillion on his debut Drum and Bass release.

Fusion, dropping straight into an uplifting off beat synth stab melody and complemented by a thriving and deceptively simple vocal. Fusion drops with a bang, a super catchy bass line and the impassioned lyrical hook, married together with a moving guitar part and piano motifs, sure to get the dance floor moving.

On the flip side Believe is an instant classic. A chilled deep piano hook slowly makes way for the classic “you bet” break and then explodes into a floor- filling banger. Energetic synths and pads combined with a relentless beat, moving melodic hooks and a bass line that is sure to make you and keep you moving. Believe will have you hooked from the first beat till the last.
Fusion – Breeze Block & EMillion is available in all good stores now

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Breeze Block and Emillion – Fusion/Believe – XYRDNBS004 OUT 03.10.11 by Breeze Block

Introducing Breeze Block – Knowledge Magazine Interview

Breeze Block Interview in Knowledge Mag

Breeze Block Interview in Knowledge Mag

Read Breeze Block’s Recent interview in Knowledge Magazine Here






A Short Q and A with Leo Himself

New Drum and bass Producer Breeze Block

New Drum and bass Producer Breeze Block

Here’s a Little Q and A we did with Leo about his drum and bass.







How long have you been producing? What’s your background in music?

I started producing when i was about 16, using garageband just messing around with sounds, sticking to no specific genre. At A level i took music technology which led me to realise that making music was my passion, i spent most of my time in the music department at collage either on the computers making weird music or jamming in the studio with my mates. At the end of collage i got a macbook with logic which is where i started to get serious about production and began to develop my own sound in Drum and Bass. I needed to take my production to the next level and i thought a music course at uni would help me do this. My first year at uni developed my production further and gave me the confidence to start showing my tunes to the world – the first tune being ‘Forgive U’. The feedback i got off this was a big confidence boost and further fuelled my passion.

What do you currently do for a living?
Currently at uni. going into my second year which is where i intend to spend an unhealthy amount of time in the studio!

What are your influences? Have they changed/evolved over time?
While my DnB influences include artists such as danny byrd, brookes brothers, shy fx, benny page, Fred v & Grafix and all the rest.. Perhaps less predictable artists that i listen to, especially when i get producers block are those of different genres. some of my favourites include david byrne, sam and dave, toots and the maytas, red hot chillie peppers, blues brothers soundtrack! – just an insight into my dodgy music tastes!

You’re relatively new to the Drum & Bass scene, for those that don’t know what best describes the ‘Breeze Block” sound?
Well I always try to make my tunes energetic, punchy and appropriate for the dance floor but i also try and incorporate a more melodic side through the use of live instruments and euphoric vocals.

What has been the most surprising inspiration for producing?
Stopping smoking weed lol. when your high you may think you’ve made a banger to match Spor’s production skills, only to listen to it the next morning and realise you’ve made chines pop.

How did you meet your collaborators?

Sam (Emillion) has been a good friend for as long as i can remember. In primary school i remember we used to skip lessons and go to the music room and play god awful music on guitar and drums. We carried on this tradition through secondary school and A level. Only in the last few months have we collaborated on a tune.

How do you find working together?

Working with Emillion is always great, it came as a surprise to both of us at how fluently we worked together. One of the best things with working with 2 people is that when you reach that point where you’ve gone completely mad because you’ve heard the same loop 700 times, you’ve got someone to confirm if it sounds good or bad. While we do disagree on some things, we always come to a happy medium. Theirs deffo more collabs with Emillion on the cards!

What gear do you use in the studio? – How has it changed over time?

Before i went to uni i was using a PC running Cubase with some Hi-Fi speakers, i soon realised this was a lost cause and saved up for a mac, got logic, some AGK702’s, studio monitors and a midi keyboard (Axiom 61). I also use a variety of 3rd party plug ins, i started off with just the logic inserts but came to realise their was a huge number of plugins to give your tunes a different flavour. I think my next purchase will be some hardware to add to the home studio!

Are there any other artists/tracks that you are particularly feeling at the moment?
cant go wrong with Danny Byrd, he always inspires me to get producing. Fred v and Grafix are coming out with some bangers.

Tell us about what we can expect to hear on your forthcoming/new release?
Energetic dance floor drums accompanied by punchy baselines, with melodic elements and a touch of cut up euphoric vocals!

What would you have been doing if you hadn’t been answering these questions right now?
Probably be cracking on with my next tune!

New drum and bass producer breeze block

Q and A with Breeze Block

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